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Anonymous asked: I don't know if you ever check this but oh my god I want a bodyswap fic

I get these messages to my inbox, so I’ll always see them. I’ve been in a Sterek coma, so I haven’t been reading Dean/Cas since September 2012. I just somehow haven’t felt like it? But I do have some fics bookmarked to review so I should at the very least do that.

As for bodyswap, I know of very few. I read a ficlet once on tumblr for sure, but it’s been so long I wouldn’t know how to find it. Anybody got some ideas?

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Hi there! Love your blog, I was wondering if you remember a fic that’s after season 5 and team free will stops the apocalypse. Cas has to return to heaven and dean prays to him ( I think) but goes about his life, buys a home, decorates the bedroom to Cas limit by never hears from Cas. Cas is gone like a year or something and I remember Sam getting a girlfriend and she ran out to the woods and yelled at the sky at Cas. Does this at all sound familiar? I’ve been trying like crazy to find this fic and can’t anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

This sounds like The First Year by CloudyJenn.

I’m probably wrong, but I feel like that’s it. Dean spends the year nesting and it makes me giggle.

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Anonymous asked: Do you happen to know that Dean Smith/Meta!Misha Twitter fic where they end up tweeting to each other and girls at twitter ship them? I'd love to read it again but lost it.

Ohmygod that exists?

Please tell me someone can find this because I don’t know and I need it.

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greenprisoner asked: any dean with amnesia fics?

I don’t know that many, or even if they’re the kind you’re looking for. I do know A Rain of Feathers, where Dean wakes up and has no recollection of the last 24 hours, but between the feathers and Sam freaking out on him, he’s figuring it out. 

I know a cloudyjenn fic that had Dean go back to the past, like switch mindsets with himself, so his past him has no recollection of the last 4 years, but I think that one was on twitlonger and twitlonger decided to be a douche. 

Anyone else know any? Or care to write some?

Edit: someone found me one: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8031688/1/Remember-Me

ANOTHER: Ghost Dance http://archiveofourown.org/works/129418/chapters/183881

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Love in Every Stitch

Summary: Dean/Cas high school AU involving them being friends for a long time and Castiel falling in love with Dean and knitting him a sweater. (11,000+ words) 

Review: ***** This has moments that actually break my heart. I always love this author’s writing and style and it just really crushed my soul, and it’s perfect.

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Tell Me Who I Am

Summary: Castiel goes from homeschooling to public school. There he meets Dean who tries to fix him. (approx. 40,000 words)

Review: *** It’s a magnificently told story, but I can’t stand some elements of it, namely the fact that (SPOILER) Dean hits Cas, when Cas is kind of a mental patient but not really. I really find the whole Jimmy aspect weird. It’s just really weird. Very well written, but weird.

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Didn't They Teach You Stranger Danger in School?

Summary: The pointless, plot-less rom-com AU where Dean accidently sends a text to the wrong number and finds himself interested in Castiel. (8100+ words)

Review: **** There is something to be said about a story that can be told entirely through dialogue (of sorts). It’s really cute, and while I love graphic depictions of how the interact, this was good.

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And The World Spins Madly On

SummaryDean has a secret. He kind of wishes the marriage certificate in the glove compartment of the Impala is real. (3,400 words)

Review: **** I think that if season 7 had done something akin to this, everyone would have been happier about it. But this is a season 5 fic, and it characterizes amnesia!Cas as a woobie, but we all know that would be so.

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Not All That

Summary: After moving around all over the country with their father, Dean and Sam Winchester finally settle in a small town in Illinois with their Uncle Bobby for some stability. After starting high school, Dean finds himself breaking the most important rule of all, after only ten minutes - Do no talk to the Novak family. (101,000 words)

Review: ***** When I started this, I seriously thought it would be another silly little high school au that wouldn’t get updated after a point and I wouldn’t be sad because it would be that terrible, but no. I was completely wrong. This is a beautiful fic that has asexual!Cas, and a caring Dean, and it’s just wonderful. I cannot sing its praises enough. 

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